Bulldog Euro Clamp EM4x4SS 5 Yr Manufacturer Guarantee

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Bulldog Euro Clamp EM4x4SS 5 Yr Manufacturer Guarantee

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Bulldog Euro Clamp EM4x4SS Suits maximum tyre width of 280 mm.

  • Easily fitted in seconds to most types of wheels
  • Arms constructed from 75 x 6mm rolled edge steel with reinforcing strips on the inside faces for extra strength
  • Inner arm protrudes deep into the wheel to fit between the rim and brake disc/drum
  • High security developed lock, 10 pin drill and pick resistant with a million plus possible combinations
  • Heavy Duty and highly visible.
  • No keys required for locking, simple snap shut lock
  • Plastic sleeved ends to inner and outer arms to protect wheels from damage
  • Zinc plated coating to all steel components.
  • Sold Secure Gold approved when used in conjunction with locking wheel nuts.
  • 6.4 Kg
  • Insurance Approved.

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This is the security product to have


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