Chemical Guys White Hex Logic Quantum Light Medium Polishing Pad 5.5 Inch

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Chemical Guys Quantum Hex Logic Pads are the latest innovation from Chemical Guys. These are the best foams yet from Chemical Guys and here’s why.

They have a edge to edge backing which when used on a dual action polisher reduces the risk of backing failiure as the pad is full secured to the entire velcro surface, reducing the ripping effect of the dual action motion on the pad.

Secondly the angled edge of the Quantum Pads means it’s possible to more accurately polish to edges of panels with less change of the backing plate striking the surface of the paint.

Finally the Chemical Guys Quantum Pads have been developed with a central hole which allows heat from the centre of the pad to dissipate out of the pad, again helping to reduce premature failure.

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Chemical Guys White Hex Logic Quantum Light Polishing Pad

First of all the White Quantum Pads are medium-light polishing pads. Polishing pads are soft and gentle, and restore a deep wet shine to painted finishes.

The refining action of White Quantum pads is perfect for enhancing gloss after cutting away heavy swirls and scratches with harder compounds and cutting pads.

Use the White Quantum pads with fine polishes like Cutting Polish or Final Polish. Check results for desired effects: if desired gloss is achieved, move on to finishing with sealant and wax; If you need more gloss consider re-polishing with a cutting compound and refining again for maximum gloss then use a wax or sealant to protect the paintowork.

Clean pad after use.

Hex Logic Pad Guide

Yellow – Heavy cutting pad for severe oxidation and deep scratches

Orange – Medium cutting pad for heavy swirls, scratches and oxidation

Green Hex Logic – Heavy polishing pad for moderate swirl removal and finishing capabilities

White – Light polishing pad for light defect removal and fine finishing

Blue – Soft finishing pad for spreading wax quickly and easily

Black Hex Logic – Extra soft finishing pad for spreading sealant or wax fast and easy

Red – Ultra soft finishing pad for spreading premium sealant and wax coatings


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