Chemical Guys White Hex Logic Light Medium Polishing Pad 5.5 Inch

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  • White Hex-Logic Light-Medium Polishing Pad finishes to restore gloss and reflection after cutting away swirls and scratches
  • Restores optical clarity, reflection, and depth to painted finishes
  • Exclusive Hex-Logic pattern spreads polish over the surface for an even cut and superior polishing results
  • V-cut channels in Hex-Logic pattern funnel in fresh air to cool the pad and work surface for extended work times and reduced wear and tear.
  • Rounded buffing profile helps pad slip into dramatic body curves for improved contact and more even polishing results
  • Beveled edge between hook-and-loop backing and foam pad protect paint and body panels from spinning polisher backing plate.
  • Breathable hook-and-loop backing pad cools pad, workpiece, and backing plate for reduced wear and tear
  • New adhesives and manufacturing techniques reduce chances of pad disintegration over time.

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Chemical Guys White Hex Logic Light Polishing Pad

The Chemical Guys White Hex Logic polishing pad is tough enough to remove swirls and scuffs while at the same time also produces a high gloss swirl-free finish. The White Light Polishing Pad is also ideal for applying one-step cleaner waxes. This pad is a balance of polishing and finishing that is perfect for all-in-one product application.


Hex Logic Pad Guide

Yellow – Heavy cutting pad for severe oxidation and deep scratches

Orange – Medium cutting pad for heavy swirls, scratches and oxidation

Green Hex Logic – Heavy polishing pad for moderate swirl removal and finishing capabilities

White – Light polishing pad for light defect removal and fine finishing

Blue – Soft finishing pad for spreading wax quickly and easily

Black Hex Logic – Extra soft finishing pad for spreading sealant or wax fast and easy

Red – Ultra soft finishing pad for spreading premium sealant and wax coatings    

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Dimensions 14 × 14 × 3 cm


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