Chemical Guys Revive Boat Polish

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  • Remove defects and scratches
  • Polishes gel coat, fiberglass, and more
  • Restore a brilliant shine
  • Works by hand or machine
  • Easy-to-use formula


Boat Revive Polish is the perfect polish for fast and effective restoration of boats and watercraft. The advanced abrasive technology in Revive Polish starts strong to quickly remove deep scratches and defects, then finishes fine to polish to a mirror shine. Use Boat Revive Polish to cut away oxidation, faded gel coat, scratches, salt, and minerals. The easy-to-use polish is effective at restoring the shine to gel coat, fiberglass, and plastic surfaces. Use Boat Revive Polish to restore any boat, watercraft, trailer, and other fiberglass or gel coat surfaces back to original condition. Revive Polish restores the finish on any boat and watercraft. Easily creates a superior base for wax, sealant, and protective marine coatings. For best results, use a dual action or rotary machine polisher to remove defects and refine the surface to like-new condition. Follow up the polishing process with your favorite Chemical Guys boat wax or sealant for the best protection against the elements and enhanced shine. Restore the shine back to any boat or watercraft with Boat Revive Polish.


Boats are exposed to tough environments. Every moment sitting out in the sun, water, salt spray, and pollution degrades and oxidizes the finish. Improper washing, drying, and rubbing on the surface scratches and swirls shiny gel coat and fiberglass, which reduces luster and makes the vessel appear older than it is. Chemical Guys Boat Revive Polish removes surface defects and refines the finish to a deep lustrous shine. The special abrasives in Revive Polish start off strong to cut away oxidation and defects, then refines lightly to restore gloss and deep reflection. Use Revive Polish on fiberglass, gel coat, paintwork, metal, plastic, and more. Revive Polish works great as a one-step polish to remove light to moderate swirls and defects, or as a finishing polish to follow up Boat Heavy Compound. Follow Revive Polish with Boat Wet Wax to protect and maintain that lustrous showroom fresh look for years to come.


Boat Revive Polish uses advanced polishing abrasive technology to remove defects, then refine the finish on any boat or watercraft. The abrasives start strong to remove oxidation, mineral buildup, swirls, scratches, and water spots; then finish lightly to refine deep reflections to a shiny, lustrous, showroom-fresh finish. Use this Polish by hand or machine polisher on fiberglass, gel coat, paint, metal, plastic, or glass on any exterior surface that needs to be polished. Different surfaces respond differently to particle abrasives and polishing techniques. The advanced abrasive technology in our Polish is versatile and effective across all exterior boat materials. This Polish is effective, non-toxic, and safe for the environment and marine life. For a light one-step polish, or a final step finishing polish on any boat or powercraft, use Chemical Guys Boat Polish.


The elements are never kind to vehicles. Sunlight, water, salt spray, dirt, pollution, and marine life all take their toll on vessels like boats and watercraft. These elements degrade the finish, oxidize away depth and shine, and promote swirls and scratches. Restoration detailing and regular maintenance can bring back and maintain a brand new showroom shine for boats and watercraft. Chemical Guys Revive Polish helps restore and maintain the brilliant shine on any boat, watercraft, and powercraft. Every watercraftincluding dinghies, yachts, and racing boats deserve to look their best. Treat your investment, work vessel, pleasurecraft. Restore a showroom-new look with Chemical Guys Revive Polish, protect the shine with Boat Wet Wax, then maintain the fresh look with Boat Wash & Wax for a shine that will last for years to come.


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