Koch Chemie Nano-Glasversiegelung Glass Sealant

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Koch Chemie Nano-Glasversiegelung Sealant

Durable Glass Sealant Kit

Koch Chemie Nano Glasversiegelung is a durable glass sealant kit that forms a hydrophobic nano network on the glass that is extremely resistant to chemicals and abrasion, providing a long lasting seal on all glass, mirror and ceramic surfaces.

This glass sealant reduces adhesion of environmental dirt, grime, insects, ice and much more leaving you with an easy to clean surface. Due to the repellent behaviour of this sealant water drops can be carried away off the glass at speeds of approx 50 MPH leading to a significant reduction in wiper usage.

Nano Glasversiegelung glass sealant offers durability of around one year or 20,000km.

  • Durable protection lasting up to one year or 20,000km
  • Excellent rain repellency at speeds of around 50 MPH
  • Easy to prepare and apply.

Kit Contains: 250ml Polishing Milk, 250ml Nano Glass Sealant.

How to use Nano-Glasversiegelung Glass Sealant

Ensure the vehicle or at least the windscreen is clean and ideally use a glass cleaner to prep the surface.

Use the included polishing milk and a microfibre pad by hand or a finishing pad by machine to clean and prepare the surface of the glass ready for the sealant. Once area is polished buff residue off with a clean microfibre towel.

Proceed to apply the glass sealant in thin even layers with a foam pad or lint free applicator. Leave sealant to adhere to the surface for between 15-60 minutes and then buff with a clean microfibre towel.


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