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Super-Slick Paintwork Protection

Once paintwork has been perfected it’s necessary to protect the finish. 1K-Nano is a machine-applied, durable sealant which lays down a protective layer, 5-8nm (nanometres) thick. Application with a Dual Action machine polisher ensures a uniform layer leaving a smooth, high gloss finish, exceptionally slick to the touch.

Unlike most conventional waxes and sealants which simply overlay lacquered surfaces, 1K-Nano forms a chemical bond with the substrate to give unbeatable longevity. Whilst traditional protections will wash away or degrade with exposure to the elements and harsh wash chemicals, 1K-Nano is resistant to extremes of pH, UV radiation and mechanical abrasion.

Once protected, surfaces repel dirt and water making maintenance washing faster and easier. As dirt and road grime will not adhere as fiercely to treated surfaces, the requirement for rubbing paintwork with a wash mitt is eliminated, reducing the chances of introducing swirls and making the wash process safer. Highly durable, 1K-Nano protects for 12 months, although with correct maintenance this can be extended to 36 months.

Features & Benefits:

  • For application by DA (Dual Action) machine polisher
  • Suitable for use on all types of paintwork
  • Super-slick finish – water & dirt are repelled on contact
  • Extreme gloss – the smooth finish reflects light perfectly
  • Durable – forms chemical bond with substrate for maximum longevity
  • Resistant to industrial & environmental fallout
  • Resistant to UV rays & harsh wash chemicals
  • OEM to Audi, Mercedes-Benz & BMW in Germany
  • Durability – 1 – 3 years

Directions for Use:

  • Ensure the paintwork is clean, dry & free from swirls and scratches.
  • Apply a few drops of 1K-Nano to a soft foam machine polishing pad
  • Using a Dual Action (DA) machine polisher at a low speed to ensure a uniformly even layer of sealant is laid down
  • Use a soft microfibre to buff residue
  • Curing is complete within 2 hours (depending on ambient air temperature)


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