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Model KDE6700TA3

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Model KIPOR KDE6700TA3 Rated frequency(Hz)50 60 Rated output(kVA)5.5 6.3 Max.output(kVA)6 7 Rated voltage(V)400/230 416/240 Rated current(A)7.9 8.7 Dimension (mm)930×535×742 Net weight(kg)177 Quieter and more powerful A high efficiency combustion system ensures complete combustion. A large muffler dampens exhaust noise and engine sounds are contained in a double-walled structure and absorbed by a special liner. Delivering the power you need Powerful, flexible, versatile, reliable, durable; KIPOR KDE6700TA3 Generators have it covered on every level. Control panel All operating functions of the generator set are on the panel. A digital readout displays operating parameters in real time such as output voltage and amperage. Circuit breakers protect the generator from overloads. Easily portable



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Weight 177 kg
Dimensions 930 × 535 × 742 cm


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