Chemical Guys ACC 202 Professional Interior Induro Brush

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When spills and accidents ruin your clean car carpet, reach for the Professional Interior Induro Brush! The professional-grade Induro Brush is made with a rugged rubberized handle, durable PVC brush body, and versatile nylon scrubbing bristles. Mist some Chemical Guys Nonsense or Lightning Fast Carpet Cleaner over dirty floor mats, and gently scrub with the Induro Brush to break down fresh and set-in stains. The stiff bristles have enough grunt to agitate dirt and grime from deep within carpets, fabrics, and floor mats, but give enough to gently clean leather, vinyl, and other sensitive upholstery materials. The full-synthetic brush design is safe for use with any Chemical Guys carpet cleaner, fabric cleaner, all purpose cleaner, or heavy duty degreaser for cleaning intense messes and filth. Use the versatile brush on fabrics and carpets found throughout car interiors, around the home, in the office, and even on tile, grout, and concrete surfaces like garage floors and driveways. The forward-raked bristles, spade-shaped contour, and easy-grip brush handle give this brush immense leverage. One stroke with the Professional Induro Brush is equivalent to a dozen passes of cheaper brushes. Take a look inside any professional detailer’s interior caddy, and chances are you’ll find an Induro Brush! Find out why the professionals choose their tools first hand, and pick up the Induro Interior Detailing Brush today!


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