Chemical Guys Zyme Paste Wax (8oz) + Dressing Applicator + Ufo Applicator

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E-ZYME paste wax is made with nature’s finest ingredients: the finest waxes, the finest oils, and the finest fruit extracts for the warmest natural shine. E-ZYME is an ultra-exclusive wax blended from premium unbleached Brazilian Carnauba wax and highly-refined tropical oil extracts. Pure Brazilian Carnauba cures harder than concrete to protect delicate automotive paint from the elements, while rare essential oils deepen reflection and shine to warm the glow of any color paintwork. E-ZYME enhances shine with the warmest and wettest glow. E-ZYME provides durable protection against pollution, water spots, and brake dust, and enhances shine and glow to mythical levels. Concours winners and high-end detailers have used E-ZYME for years, proving that E-ZYME is the only wax worthy of use on some of the rarest and most precious cars on Earth.


Chemical Guys E-ZYME is truly a special treatment for any vehicle. The secret ingredients are seldom in bloom, and E-ZYME can only made in small batches once a year. Rare essential oils and extracts enhance vibrant shine and warm lustrous glow that other low-grade waxes and sealants simply cannot match. E-ZYME is produced in limited quantities to produce an exclusive paste wax that creates a show winning appearance. Discover the signature shine that can only be achieved using the highest quality ingredients. Concours show judges around the world prefer the brilliant shine of all natural yellow carnauba to take any show car to the first-place podium. Unbleached grade-A yellow carnauba palm wax from northern Brazil provides durable protection against the elements, harmful pollution, and damaging solar UV rays. E-ZYME is the best looking and longest lasting all-natural wax Mother Nature has to offer.


Carnauba wax is produced by a palm that grows in northern Brazil. This wax is like nature’s sunscreen, shielding and protecting the delicate leaves from brutal sunlight, high heat, insects, and other elements that would destroy the plant. Carnauba wax cures harder than concrete and shields automotive paint from pollution, water spots, bugs, birds, tree sap, industrial fallout, brake dust, rail dust, and more. While synthetic sealants and waxes can replicate and outperform this natural protection, carnauba wax is highly prized for its warm, lustrous, deep-wet shine that man-made sealants simply cannot copy. Chemical Guys E-ZYME is blended with premium Brazilian carnauba wax for durable protection, and rare tropical extracts for luxurious depth, shine, and gloss. E-ZYME is the toughest and most beautiful wax Mother Nature can produce.


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