Chemical Guys Torq Foam Cannon Snow Foamer

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  • Maximum Foam Delivery
  • Highest quality car wash foam cannon
  • Durable construction and Threadlock Design innovation
  • Works with any gas or electric pressure washer: 500-3,500 PSI
  • Solid brass construction won’t rust
  • Universal quick-release system works with any pressure washer
  • Quality plastics resist cracking and fading from exposure
  • Insulated bottle thread preserves soap solution bottles
  • Fully-adjustable to clean any vehicle, large or small
  • Works with any premium Chemical Guys car wash soap
  • Remove the thickest dirt and mud from any vehicle


The TORQ Foam Cannon Snow Foamer cleans any vehicle with concentrated foam power. The TORQ Foam Cannon Snow Foamer is specially-tuned to spray thick foam with enthusiast-grade pressure washers. Now home users with power washer models that produce as low as 500 PSI can keep up with professional car detailers with thick car wash foam. Thick snow foam helps remove dirt from even the smallest cracks and crevices, and is the perfect way to reduce swirl marks and maintain a flawless finish at every car wash. The TORQ Foam Cannon Snow Foamer is built with the highest quality materials for heavy duty use with any pressure washer. Solid brass components resist corrosion and rusting that ruins cheap imitation parts, and high quality plastics reject harmful UV rays that cause cheaper units to crack and break. TORQ engineers fitted every Foam Cannon with a large 32 oz. fluid tank and fully-adjustable sprayer nozzle to ensure full foam coverage on any vehicle, large or small. Poorly designed cheaper foam cannons have bare brass threads that tear up soap bottles over time. The TORQ Foam Cannon Snow Foamer features the patented TORQ Threadlock System on the threads, which saves bottles from early wear and tear. The unique air-injection system combines the perfect amount of car wash shampoo, water, and oxygen to create thick soapy foam that clings to any vehicle’s paintwork. Snap the new TORQ Foam Cannon Snow Foamer onto any pressure washer, and turn a normal car wash into a fun foam bubble bath!


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