Chemical Guys TORQ 22D Random Orbital Polisher Kit

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What’s Included?

  • TORQ® TORQ22D Dual-Action Backing Plate (6 inch)
  • Hex-Logic Medium-Heavy Cutting Pad, Orange (5.5 Inch) Hex-Logic Light-Medium Polishing Pad, White (5.5 Inch) Hex-Logic Finishing Pad, Black (5.5 Inch) V Line Polish & Compound Sample Kit (4 oz)
  • Why Buy This Product?

    • Electronic User Interface (EUI): Digital display and speed control buttons integrated for precise and intuitive control.
    • Triggerless Technology (TT):Eliminates triggers and dials for improved control and safety.
    • Harmonious Balancing (HB): Internal components and machine configuration finely balanced for superior ease of use and unmatched user comfort
    • Precision Power (P²): Powerful 900 watt motor provides smooth power delivery and start-up function at every speed setting
    • Streamline Integration (SI): Superior engineering accepts 5’’ and 6’’ backing plates without counterweight modifications or voiding the manufacturer’s warranty
    • User Centered Design (UCD): Designed with user comfort and control for maximum efficiency.
    • Safety Support Ridge (SSR): Provides machine support during storage and maintenance
    • Rapid Correction: 21mm long-throw orbital polisher easily removes swirls, scratches, and defects from painted vehicles
    • Integrated Cooling: High flow cooling vents draw in fresh air for maximum cooling under extreme working conditions
    • Smooth Engagement System: Electronic control systems gradually apply speed to increase control and comfort
    • Quality Construction: Designed and built with robust components and materials
    • Ultimate Versatility: Applies wax, sealant, and glaze in minutes; cleans carpet and upholstery; restores faded paintwork quickly and easily
    • Dynamic Power Management: Delivers instant power and power thrust to the machine producing ideal power at low speeds, high speeds, and everywhere in between
    • Symphonic Construction: Lightweight construction with vibration reduction technology

    About TORQ

    Change isn’t easy. Just like the typewriter, tube TVs, messenger pigeons, pagers, VHS tapes, and floppy discs, it’s time for machine polishers to change. While other manufacturers adapted off-the-shelf power tools like grinders, sanders, and buffers to detailing and polishing tasks, the TORQ Tool Company designed their machine polishers as a versatile and elegant detailing machines from scratch. TORQ polishers are the first detailing tools designed around the user for unmatched smoothness, precision, and usability. Using the “outside-in” design approach, TORQ engineers first built an ergonomic and easy-to-use machine, then tailored internal components to fit the desired exterior ergonomics for an elegant and intuitive machine.

    About the TORQ22D

    The TORQ22D Random Orbital Polisher Kit features a large 21mm throw for high performance detailing and paint correction. The innovative detailing machine comes equipped with an integrated Electronic User Interface (EUI) that controls the speed of the machine for increased comfort and efficiency. The triggerless design of the digital interface gives the user precise control over the machine’s working speed and power without extra strain or effort. The extra large 21mm dual-action throw is 162.5% larger than traditional 8mm polisher throws. Because of superior engineering and Streamlined Integration (SI), the TORQ22D is the first large-throw machine polisher that accepts 5’’ and 6’’ backing plates without modifications or voiding any warranties. Use the perfect sized buffing and polishing pad, or carpet and upholstery brush to take on any job on any large, small, flat, or contoured surface. Professionals and enthusiasts can easily remove heavy swirls, scratches, and defects, apply wax, sealant, and glaze, or scrub carpets and upholstery on any size vehicle with the TORQ22D Random Orbital Polisher.


User Centered Design (UCD)

The TORQ22D Random Orbital Polisher Kit redefines state-of-the-art design with a unique machine that is accurate, smooth, and ergonomic.

The TORQ Tool Company spent years of research to create a powerful machine with incredible correction abilities. The unique triggerless design of the machine eliminates the need for the user to constantly squeeze a trigger or switch, saving tons of effort and fatigue. A digital user interface actively controls the output of the 900W motor at every speed setting, delivering six distinct speeds with consistent cutting power at every step. With the precision power controls, the 22D is perfectly suited to polish the most sensitive vintage lacquer paints, or the most durable modern ceramic clear coat finishes.

Dynamic Power Management

The TORQ22D Random Orbital Polisher Kit is the world’s most advanced machine polisher for professional and enthusiast detailers. The revolutionary design takes detailing to the next level of perfection and comfort for superior results. By eliminating the trigger from their machines, the TORQ™ Tool Company saves users from the fatigue and stress of constantly squeezing a switch for a more positive and effective polishing experience. The digital power management system controls the power of the machine for a smooth feel and perfect control. The 22D features digital controls and display within thumb’s reach of the ergonomic handle for unmatched usability and effortless adjustments on the fly.

Rapid Correction

The modern random orbital polisher features a large 21mm long throw to quickly tackle large-scale polishing tasks. The large 21mm throw eliminates swirls, scratches, and defects faster and easier than traditional 8mm throw dual-action polishers. The TORQ22D uses a random orbital throw pattern to quickly correct paintwork with incredible precision and safety. The random orbital mechanism mimics the motion of the human hand to safely achieve perfect results. The TORQ22D Random Orbital Polisher is designed with built-in safety features that prevent the user from damaging or burning paintwork. The mechanical safety features stop the machine from spinning on sensitive areas like edges and dramatic contours where paint can be very thin and delicate. These safety features make the TORQ22D safer for any professional or enthusiast to use.

Ultimate Versatility

The versatile TORQ22D machine can also be used to scrub carpets and upholstery, or apply glazes, sealants, and wax. Easily polish and restore chrome, aluminum, and diamond plate metals with TORQ™ polishers. The TORQ22D has the power and versatility to take on any challenge. The long throw counterweight design of the TORQ22D gives any user the power, comfort, and precision to get the job done. The non-slip grip is the perfect size to accommodate any detailer. The TORQ22D is the highest performing detailing machine at the best price.

The TORQ 22D is the highest performing detailing machine at the best price.


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