Chemical Guys Power Woolie Microfiber Wheel Brush with Drill Adapter

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Professional detailers have long chosen Microfiber Wheel Brush Woolies for their gentle cleaning touch on any wheel, rim, and tire. Now anyone can enjoy the soft cleaning touch in a fraction of the time with the Power Woolie With Drill Adapter! No more stiff bristles scratching and gouging alloy rims and painted wheel parts, no more scraping knuckles wheel cleaning deep into wheel barrels and wheel wells. Attach the Power Woolie onto your trusty cordless drill, then use the power tool to blast away stuck-on brake dust, road grime, dirt, and filth with the soft and gentle touch that doesn’t harm wheel surfaces. The Power Woolie is made with the big plush head of the extra large 18” Microfiber Wheel Brush Woolie, a shorter and easily-controlled 12” wand, and durable metal power drill bit shank. Press the extra large Power Woolie into large spaces to clean inside the barrel of the wheel, fender liners, or extra large exhaust pipes with the pure force of your favorite power drill. Turn the tool sideways and gently brush dirt and grime from the face of wheel spokes with the broad side of the Power Woolie. Remove the most-stubborn brake dust, dirt, oil, filth, and road grime from durable and sensitive wheel finishes with minimal risk of installing extra swirls or scratches. You can even clean beyond wheels and rims with the Power Woolie: turn the power drill to clean out grilles, vents, exhaust tips, door hinges, trunk jambs, engine bays, and any other car part that needs extra cleaning muscle. Take down the worst wheel filth with the Power Woolie, your favorite Chemical Guys wheel cleaner, and your trusty power drill.


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