Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash Cleaning Detergent Concentrate 16 oz

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Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash is a effective and safe cleaning detergent for all your microfiber towels and accessories. Regular washing with powder detergents or retail washing detergent is harmful to the microfiber. Many strong retail detergents will damage the absorbency of towels, here’s where Chemical guys have stepped up to the plate!

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Microfiber Wash Cleaning Detergent

Microfibre Wash Cleaning Detergent is specifically formulated with Clean Rinse technology to leave no residue, ensuring your microfibers stay soft, flexible and safe for sensitive clearcoats.

Microfibers are so effective at cleaning because they contain thousands of individual fibres that trap dirt, dust, water, polish residue and grease. In order to maintain the cloths please keep up with regular cleaning.

However, traditional clothing detergents leave behind a refreshing scent – great for clothes but the residue will clog up microfibers and potentially cause damage to paintwork.

Features & Benefits:

  • Refresh, renew & extend the life of your microfibers
  • Citrus-based, all-natural, concentrated formulation
  • Removes dirt, oils, polish & wax residues, etc. from hard-working towels
  • Clean Rinse technology ensures towels are perfectly free from residue
  • Does not contain bleach, ammonia or fabric softeners
  • Safe for use on microfibre, cotton & chenille materials
  • Can be claned by hand or with a washing machine
  • Pre-soak heavily soiled cloths in a bucket overnight, then wash as normal

Directions for use:

  • Separate microfibres by type keeping dirtier towels (for engines, wheels, tyres, etc) away from the cleaner paintwork and glass towels
  • Wash the cleaner towels first to help prevent cross-contamination
  • Machine wash at 40 degrees
  • Do NOT use fabric softener
  • Tumble dry on a low heat to prevent the fibres from hardening
  • Do NOT use fabric softener dryer sheets


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