Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket W/CG Logo 4.5 Gal

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  • Heavy duty materials and construction
  • Tailored for a perfect fit with your Dirt Trap Bucket Insert
  • 30% thicker than standard buckets
  • Standard 12″ across
  • Compatible with all your bucket accessories
  • Perfect for your  Gamma Seal Bucket Lid
  • Live and rep the CG lifestyle—even as you wash your car!



Introducing the Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket from Chemical Guys! This high quality bucket is the last detailing bucket you will ever have to buy because of the rugged construction is 30% thicker than competitors’ buckets for ultimate durability.


The compact tapered design stacks easily and stores with a small footprint, saving you valuable garage space. The internal dimensions are tailored to fit wash baffles like Grit Guard for the perfect scratch-free wash the gamma Seal lids lock securely onto the flanged lip for a spill-proof seal that holds full loads of water because each bucket comes with a sturdy steel baling wire and tough plastic carrying grip for ultimate portability! Accept no substitutes: most importantly The Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket is the only bucket that belongs in your arsenal!



Every detailer knows one bucket is not enough—a standard two-bucket wash actually requires three buckets: one for clean soapy water, one for rinsing dirt off the wash mitt, and one specifically designated for cleaning wheels! Heavy Duty Detailing Buckets are also great for storing your bottles of Chemical Guys products and microfiber towels, keeping your detail garage neat and organized, and your microfiber clean and scratch-free!


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