Chemical Guys Clay Block with Clay Lubricant & Detailer 16 oz

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How It Works

The all new Chemical Guys ClayBlock is a fast and easy way to make your vehicle feel smooth as glass! The ClayBlock removes embedded contaminants like overspray, industrial fallout, brake dust, and pollution from automotive surfaces. The unique design uses polyelastic rubberized clay and makes paintwork, headlights, glass, wheels, and painted plastic surfaces feel smooth as glass. ClayBlock removes embedded contaminants to prepare surfaces for superior sealant and wax adhesion. The high-tech design of the ClayBlock allows anyone to safely and easily decontaminate any automotive surface. Traditional clay bars must be thrown away once dropped on the ground. The ClayBlock can easily be wiped clean when dropped to remove contaminants that could cause marring. The ClayBlock conforms to the shape of your hand with its unique foam body, and the cushioned grip spreads pressure evenly for efficient and fast claying. Combined with super-slick Clay Luber, the Chemical Guys ClayBlock is the easiest way to decontaminate your paint and make it feel smooth as glass!


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