Chemical Guys – Black Luminous Glow Wax

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Black is the latest development from the Chemical Guys laboratories, briming with technology specifically designed to enhance the depth and shine of black paintwork.

This wax was developed using Chemical Guys proprietary manufacturing methods utilising a patented cold emulsion process to give Black the deepest shine possible. The unique cold emulsion process allows Black to be created with zero heat, keeping the protective super polymers in their strongest molecular state. Using advanced super polymers that repel airborne pollutants, water, and ultraviolet radiation, Black provides a deep shine that is guaranteed to impress any enthusiast. The unique wax uses synthetic polymers that bond to the surface creating a durable shield of protection. The Chemical Guys research and development team spent countless hours creating synthetic super polymers that leave a slick, non-stick surface that repels contaminates and makes black and dark paintwork actually look darker and with more shine.

  • Perfect for black and dark colored paintwork
  • Quick and easy application
  • Brightest shine for the darkest paintwork
  • Repels water, contamination and UV radiation

8fl/oz (236ml) Jar


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