Chemical Guys Acc_G02 Utility Brush Strong Yellow Bristles

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  • Easily scrubs interior and exterior fabric, upholstery, rubber, and plastic
  • Made with durable synthetic bristles
  • Eye-catching yellow bristles
  • Easily designate yellow brush for heavy duty cleaning only
  • Rugged plastic handle for years of comfortable use
  • Abrasion-resistant body
  • Heavy-duty construction materials
  • Perfect for cleaning fabric, carpet, upholstery, trim pieces, tires, and more


The Stiffy Heavy Duty Cleaning Brush is great for powerful cleaning on fabric, upholstery, trim pieces, tires, fender liners, and more. The stiff synthetic bristles easily scrub, agitate, and clean tough dirt, stains, and oils from interior and exterior surfaces. The handle is contoured to the human hand for comfortable ergonomics, powerful cleaning, and low fatigue with extended scrubbing. Easily scrub away dirt, grime, oil, stains, and more. Clean and scrub fabric, upholstery, carpet, plastic trim, rubber tires, and more. The abrasion-resistant handle is cast from durable plastic to last for years of rugged detailing use. Use the Stiffy Heavy Duty Cleaning Brush to clean durable materials when they get very dirty and stained.


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