Chemical Guys 5050 LTD Series Concours Paste V2 Chrome + 2 Red Applicators

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Chemical Guys makes 5050 Concours Paste Wax so everyone can enjoy the heritage, prestige, and pride of show-car shine. Everyone has known and loved the look of natural carnauba wax for over 100 years, and only natural carnauba makes the warm wet shine that dazzles and captivates detailers, concours show car preppers, and weekend warriors. Pure wax enhances the best reflection and shine, so 5050 Concours was, is, and always will be blended only with twice-refined double-A grade natural carnauba wax. Sometimes old ways are best, so 5050 is blended in small batches for consistent quality control then hand-poured into a traditional metal tin to preserve its freshness and effectiveness. Technology evolves over time, so Chemical Guys reformulated 5050 to better enhance and protect modern water and ceramic based clear coat paint finishes. 5050 Concours intensifies the best-loved qualities of every unique automotive color. Spread 5050 on any paint finish to enhance, shine, and protect it against harsh UV sunlight, pollution, industrial contamination, birds and bugs, and more. Chemical Guys 5050 Concours is the coveted traditional show-car style paste wax that everyone can enjoy.


The pure carnauba blend of 5050 Concours Paste Wax enhances the natural beauty of any color paint finish. Spreading 5050 over paintwork enhances the unique attributes of every hue: warm reds and oranges glow with vibrant intensity; cool silvers and grays shimmer with an elegant shine; white gleans with purity, clarity, and grace; blues and purples glimmer like the deepest oceans; the depth and complexity of blacks plumb beyond the infinite… Enthusiasts love 5050 for the way it enhances and exaggerates colors in reflection. Park by a beach at dusk and absorb the warm orange and umber tones of the sunset, dark and mysterious blues amongst the crashing waves, and coral pink of the clouds billowing in the wind. Every paint finish “colors” the world upon reflection in its own unique way. Experience the signature look of your own vehicle’s painted finish with Chemical Guys 5050 Concours Paste Wax.


When the leading auto industry magazine Luxury & Exotics wrote their buyer’s guide on premium car care products, they selected 5050 Concours Paste Wax as their wax of choice. The fan-favorite wax garnered a worldwide following and attracted the attention of prestigious judges everywhere. Enthusiasts know that 5050 isn’t just for luxury cars or exotic vehicles. Waxing a perfectly-detailed classic car is just like stepping back in time to the days of drive-in movies, car hop diners, and cruising the boulevard. Classic car owners take pride in having a fabulous ride that turns heads, but restoring and maintaining that perfect appearance requires hours of detailing to achieve that perfect depth of paintwork. 5050 Limited Series Concours Paste Wax gives your classic car a look that is truly head-turning. Any Impala, Mustang, Camaro, or Challenger can have that show winning shine, just like when the car was driven right off the dealership floor all those decades ago. Just one coat of 5050 enhances the natural beauty of any car, new or old. The unique 5050 formula provides superior protection to keep any concours show car, classic muscle car, hot rod, grocery getter, or soccer mom van looking amazing for years to come. Protect and enhance any point of pride with Chemical Guys 5050 Concours Paste Wax.



There are many companies pouring pots of paste wax to make cars shine, so how do you pick the “best” one? Some manufacturers focus on quantity over quality; they sacrifice the glowing shine of natural ingredients by blending their products with cheap synthetics and petroleum byproducts just to get more product on store shelves. Chemical Guys went the other route; we choose to blend and pour small batches of wax with natural and exotic ingredients for a glowing shine unseen with cheaper products. Some ingredients are rarely in bloom, so 5050 Paste Wax can only be produced in small batches at certain times of the year. By focusing on smaller batches and production runs, Chemical Guys can assure higher quality, superior consistency, and warmer glowing shine in every pot of 5050 Paste Wax. Each metal tin is signed by the artisan who hand-poured the molten wax before the airtight lid is pressed on to preserve the freshness of the protective coating. Every car shines like a unique work of art, so every pot of 5050 is made to the same standard. The air-tight metal tin locks in and preserves the Exceed your own expectations of glowing shimmer and shine, and invest in a handcrafted pot of 5050 Concours Paste Wax.


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