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    • (1) Black Luminous Glow Infusion (8 oz)
    • (1) Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish (16 oz)
    • (1) Black Monster Edgeless Microfiber Towels, 16″ x 16″ (3 Pack)
    • (2) Black Ultra Fine W-APS Refined Foam Applicators


      • Enhances and protects black and dark-coloured cars
      • Advanced colour enhancing technology
      • Quick and easy application
      • Extreme durability
      • Repels water, contamination, and ultraviolet radiation
      • Brightest shine for the darkest paintwork
      • Ultra smooth finish
      • Shields against harmful UV rays that cause fading and damage
      • Maintains and enhances a deep black shine


Black is unlike any colour, so it requires special treatment to look its best. The distinct look of black is both classy and elegant, and sinister and evil. Freshly-waxed black paintwork looks glossy and wet with extreme depth and pure reflection. Perfect black paint doesn’t look black; it’s whatever colour is being reflected in it. Certain car colours attract loyal followings, and black is the original fan favourite. Black paint may be challenging to maintain—but everyone looks at a clean black car. Chemical Guys has assembled a maintenance kit with the latest and most advanced products tailored for black and dark paint finishes: The Black Paint Maintenance Kit. This kit is a must-have for enthusiasts who want their black cars to shine with a deep wet luster, and brilliant shine. Use Black Light glaze to add extra depth, gloss, and pure black glow, and fill minor swirls and scratches. Top it with Black Wax for durable protection and enhanced brilliant black shine for a distinct look. The Black Maintenance Kit comes with luxurious black Monster Edgeless microfiber towels and premium foam applicators for an even spread and scratch-free touch on any paint finish. Indulge in the purity and brilliance of the all-new Chemical Guys Black Paint Maintenance Kit for your black, or dark automobile.


The Chemical Guys Black Paint Maintenance Kit combines all the essentials to take black paintwork to the next level. The kit comes with Black Light: Hybrid Radiant Finish, Black Wax: Luminous Glow Infusion, two premium UFO foam applicator pads, and two black Monster Edgeless microfiber towels. Following the Detail Flowchart, start by washing your car with your favourite Chemical Guys car wash soap, or EcoSmart waterless detailing system. Decontaminate paintwork and exterior surfaces with a clay bar to make them feel as smooth as glass. Next, lay down a thin, even coat of Black Light to fill minor swirls and scratches, enhance glow and reflection, and lay down a durable coating of protection against UV sun, and the elements. Finally, top the black paintwork to perfection with Black Wax for enhanced glow, deep-wet shine, and extended protection against the elements. Whether you have a brand new black car, a well-maintained garage queen, or a well-used daily driver, clean and protect it with the Chemical Guys Black Paint Maintenance Kit.


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