Chemical Guys Torq Big Mouth Foam Cannon

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  • Sprays thick car wash foam over any vehicle
  • Adjustable spray pattern (horizontal or vertical) with a twist of the wrist
  • Hi-Flow Breather Valve mixes the perfect amount of air with the high pressure water and car wash soap to create thick clinging foam
  • Large intake holes atop copper head to prevent corrosion and oxidation
  • Pre-saturate dirt and debris to reduce chances of swirls and scratches
  • Protect paintwork by lubricating and gently removing abrasive dirt and debris
  • 800-3,500 PSI operating pressure range
  • 1.4-5.3 gallon/minute pressure washer compatibility
  • Adjustable nozzle sprays foam from 0° soapy jet to a gentle extra-wide 90° fan
  • Approved for auto, RV, agriculture, home, and marine detailing and cleaning
  • Universal pressure washer fittings attach to any pressure washer
  • Patent Pending


Say hello to the future. The TORQ vision has always been to create and innovate. To be the first to define a category. TORQ introduces an all-new category-defining design, engineered from the inside out. The world’s most popular foam cannon now even better. A new generation of Foam Cannon.

Meet the first of its kind: TORQ has now introduced the innovation that only comes once-in-a-generation; a true beauty, inside and out. Welcome the TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon to the detailing stage as its completely redesigned structure has made it the new industry standard. Everything you wished a foam cannon would have or would do, TORQ did it. Feast your eyes on the TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon, the foam cannon of choice for years to come. The TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon is the first to establish a new criteria in fan design; to have it extend further outward to recapture the true function of a fan and blanket your entire car with thick, clinging foam. The TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon is the first TORQ cannon with the TORQ spray rotating nozzle. A single twist of the spray head turns the foam stream from vertical to horizontal for fast coverage on vehicles of any shape or size. Use thicker foam on heavier dirt stuck to off-road trucks and crawlers, or thinner foam on well-kept vehicles driven in the city. Mix and blend your own thickness of sprayable foam with a single twist of the soap solution injection knob at the top of the unit. TORQ has ultimately reduced the stress levels of all detailers by releasing the first foam cannon ever that doesn’t tip over. You’ve read that correctly; it’s the first foam cannon EVER to not tip over when standing alone. It’s become the self-standing phenomenon that allows you to gently place or store your foam cannon safely without the potential of falling and damaging itself. This sets a detailer’s mind at ease to know they no longer have damaged filters to worry about. Better yet, the TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon doesn’t have any filters for you to break as it’s been tested and proven that it performs at its peak without the use of filters. Here’s some more stress-relieving news: the TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon’s durability is unmatched. The valves are made with stern copper to truly live up to the name of invincibility. It can stand the constant barrage of drops that can occur throughout a car wash without deteriorating or affecting its performance. Put your car wash where your mouth is, and see why the TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon is the last name in professional foam cannon technology. Pick one up today and experience the innovation that is the TORQ Big Mouth Professional Foam Cannon.


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